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Ever wanted to try racing your jet-ski in a safe specially built environment?

Want to feel the adrenaline rush it can bring racing around a jet sprint track? Just you against the clock Jet Sport West can offer you the chance to race your Jet-Ski around a specially designed jetsprint track incorporating a series of channels in which you use skill and speed to navigate around the course.

 The track is located at Bonneys water ski park, Baldivis where safety is the main priority. The track hasbeen designed with safety in mind, there are emergency personnel on standby at all times and no chance of a collision with other Jet-Skis as only one Jet-Ski at a time is allowed on the track. This track is the only one in Australia where you can race under lights & in front of a crowd.

There are currently 2 race classes for Jet-Skis. 1200cc engines & 785cc engines.


What do I need to be able to race at Baldivis?

  • Your Jet-Ski
  • A helmet 
  • A Life Jacket
  • $30 Race Entry Fee 

To race you are also required to be a financial member of Jet Sport West which is an annual fee of $50.

As an incentive for you to try out the track we will waive the membership fee for 2 meetings only.

For further information please see our events calendar or contact Alan Mladinich on 0419 964 505.

Alan on the Baldivis Track                                             Baldivis Track Under Lights


Baldivis Pit Lane Area                                                    Richard at the start line of the Baldivis Track


Baldivis Track                                                                 Amanda on the Baldivis Track

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